Lab Scale Production

A new customer idea, derived from market input or literature, has to be concretized on a small scale first. The feasibility of the chosen ingredients and concentrations in a specific tablet form or hard capsule size has to be tested in a lab environment. Once this is succesful, it can be upscaled to production circumstances. Laboratoria Wolfs can be your partner for tabletting, capsulation and filmcoating for lab scale production.

Several production steps

Next to lab scale tabletting and capsule filling, Laboratoria Wolfs offers you the possibility to coat sample quantities from 0,5kg to 3kg in a reliable and 100% upscalable lab coater. Hence the entire product development from composition, form and presentation can be judged before a decision for registration, production upscale and market launch is taken.

Wolfs on a small scale

  • Cost control in development
  • Comparing several alternatives
  • Rapid decision taking
  • Small scale tabletting, capsulation and filmcoating