Regulatory Documentation

Pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products have to comply with a series of European and national regulations. As both sectors are significantly different, Wolfs provides regulatory support on both levels.

This includes selecting exclusively ingredients which are allowed for food applications, respecting the maximal dosage and conform the levels for contaminants.We also offer to support in the notification procedure up to the preparation of the entire notification dossier for the customer. Based upon our in house expertise, supported by our network, we can contribute to a smooth settlement of the regulatory aspect of your product.

Product transfer

A dedicated Regulatory department is crucial for both new product launches and product transfer. We can support you in an international environment where unfortunately no clear and uniform legislation is available.

When Regulatory becomes fun

  • Dedicated Regulatory Department
  • For food supplements and pharmaceutical products
  • European and national legislation
  • Strong network
  • Direct contact with Government Instances